Birthday Party Craft Activities For Kids

March 21, 2018 | Birthday Crafting


If you want to make kids’ birthday party more than just a sugar treat, throwing a birthday party craft activity must be fun. Craft is absolutely a fun way to entertain young guests on a birthday party. It can provide them a fun alternative for games and other activities. And one more thing, it can help them to develop their creativity as well. It doesn’t need to be expensive and you don’t need to spend so much time preparing. Some of the best ideas as follow are easy, cheap and mess-low!

Basic Ideas for Kid’s Party Crafts

If you don’t know where to start, we have some basic ideas of birthday party craft that may inspire you. First, you can consider painting or finger painting. Finger painting is surely easy and you don’t need to prepare so many tools for it. Just some watercolor and selected medium, you can simply allow your guests to have fun playing with the colorant. Second, you can also let the guests to make tie-dye shirts. It’s pretty simple and you can let the kids to have fun too. Simply prepare some white t-shirts and fabric colorant.

Moreover, you can also consider birthday party craft activity like jewelry making and decorating mugs with markers. Decorating mugs is great for older kids. Simply prepare some mugs and markers with various colors. You don’t need to set a theme for the kids to decorate their mugs. Just let them use their creativity and imagination. Next, you can also consider an activity like painting wooden items. There can be a few item choices like jewelry boxes, picture frames and birdhouses. The last but not least, it is a good idea to throw a birthday party craft activity with fabric projects too!

More Ideas for Extra Craft Time

If the crafting time in the party only takes up a little portion of the party schedule or there are some kids who finish sooner than others, you should prepare for some extra activities that are ready to play. For instance, you can consider several traditional kids’ party games like musical chairs or freeze dance. However, if you want to get more extra craft time, you can consider setting up an area with enough crayons and coloring pages. Just let the kids to have fun with these. That’s all some of the birthday party craft activities that you can take into account.

Craft activities are for sure a great alternative for a traditional birthday party games and activities. It can create fun and develop creativity too!

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