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October 11, 2017 | Birthday Crafting


If you are on the hunt for a crafting birthday DIY, it seems like you have come on the right place. We have a lot of ideas for you who want to combine crafting and birthday party. It doesn’t matter if you are not a crafting expert or something. There are so many easy DIY projects that you can do with a little effort too. Whether you want to put crafting activities to the party schedule or create some crafts as decoration or party favors, here are some of the ideas to consider.

DIY Craft Birthday Party Decorations

Instead of renting birthday party decorations, it must be good to go for a crafting birthday DIY project to create some party decorations your own. Nowadays, it is pretty simple to create birthday crafts yourself. There are printable craft ideas on the internet that you can download and print your own. From that birthday party boxes to the birthday party card, you can easily find the ideas on the internet. For a party favor, you can also make it yourself from a homemade bracelet to unique tote bag won’t take you so long to prepare.

DIY Craft Birthday Party Activities

In addition to the decorations, you may consider adding crafting birthday activities to the party. Instead of the traditional games like playing tag or dance to the music, doing some craft projects must be a lot of fun. You can consider fabric projects like using fabric markers to customize pillowcases, creating sock puppets or gluing beads to messenger bags that made of canvas. There are some other crafting birthday activities to consider too such as ornament and jewelry making. If you have older guests, doing a seasonal art project such as DIY flip flop project in summer must be perfect.

How to Execute the Ideas

You have got an idea and you want to make it happen on your party. But, how can you execute the ideas so that it can work well during the party? Well, for the decorations, you can simple dress up your party with crafty style by preparing markers, stickers, fabric and so on. For the activities, consider doing it yourself first before you bring your guests to engage on the craft activity later on. So, are you ready to have some fun preparing the crafty style decorations and the exciting craft activities? Finally, hope you enjoy this crafting birthday ideas!

From decoration, activities to party favor, crafting can always be the center of your birthday party ideas. It is cheap and guarantees so much fun as well.

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