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November 14, 2017 | Birthday Crafting


Are you wondering about creating crafts birthday party for your child’s birthday? Then, you are not alone. In this article, you will learn some DIY ideas for creating birthday party crafts. It’s no doubt that a birthday is not complete when you are not throwing a birthday party. This year, make your child’s birthday even more special with our special DIY craft ideas that we are going to learn as follow. So, if you are planning for your child’s birthday party, let’s check this out!

Awesome Crafts Birthday Party Ideas for Your Child’s Special Moment

1. Craft for Party Favor

Let’s start from the first idea: create a DIY party favor. Well, there is no party without a party favor. When you are wondering about the best favor to be shared to the guests later, you can consider rocking them with such cool DIY crafts birthday party that is easy to prepare. For instance, you can prepare for some canvas tote bag and then paint it yourself with your kids. Then, you can also create a beautiful bracelet from your own. In this case, a candy bracelet made of gummy candy must be loved by your guests.

2. Craft for Decoration

When it comes to crafts birthday party, it’s no doubt that there are a lot of DIY decorating crafts that we can take into account. For instance, you can create jelly fish lantern from some colorful papers fabric. You can buy the ready-to-use lantern which is made of paper in various colors. Then, cut it into two since you are going to use the half of the lantern only. Next, cut some fabrics to make it into tentacles and glue it under the lantern to make it look like jelly fish. You can also find other crafts birthday party ideas for decoration.

3. Craft for Photo Booth Props

Nowadays, a photo booth is a must when it comes to birthday party. You must want to capture all the moments you have in the party, right? To make your photo booth more fun, just prepare for some craft props yourself. For example, you can simply find some printable photo booth props, print them and cut them easily. You can print them on white cardstock or on wherever you want as long as it is tough enough to stand on its own. After that, you just need to install a stick as a handle and your craft birthday party is ready to use.

DIY crafts birthday party can make a birthday party even more meaningful. Some ideas for DIY crafts will help you to make the most of your birthday party.

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