Handmade Birthday Ideas For Best Friend

January 29, 2018 | Birthday Crafting


Handmade birthday ideas are perfect for you who are wondering what to give to your best friends on their upcoming birthday party. Instead of purchasing a usual gift, a handmade gift must be more meaningful for your best friends. More importantly, you can embrace them with your love and effort to create that handmade gift. So, are you interested to create a handmade birthday gift for your best friends? This following is some of the easy, inexpensive handmade birthday gift ideas that you can make at home.

Unique Birthday Cards

There is nothing more meaningful handmade birthday ideas than create a collage of moments of you and your friends as a birthday gift. If you are in the same page, creating an Instagram card will be a perfect idea. You can simply scroll down your and your friends’ Instagram account to find some moments that you are sharing together. Then, use it as a card for their birthday. You can leave some congratulatory, sweet message on the cards as well! If you have more artistic taste, you can also consider creating watercolor cards to reveal your message in more beautiful way.

Balloon Room for Surprising Birthday

If you have an access to your best friends’ room, this one of the best handmade birthday ideas is surely on point. You don’t need to prepare so many things for this awesome surprise. Just prepare enough helium balloons and then attached each of them to a photo with a ribbon. To make it more meaningful, you can simply write down an affirmation or memory on the back of the photos. There is no doubt that your friends will love this little surprise. For this idea, you can consider using the same balloons color or mix the colors as you please.

Meaningful Besties Scrapbook

If you want to have another handmade birthday ideas which are meaningful, a bestie scrapbook will be a good choice. You may need to choose a theme for the scrapbook such as your best moments with your friends and so on. Then, you can simply head to a local craft store to select some materials and spend a little of your time to make a gift which will probably make your best friends cry. Well, a scrapbook is for sure a perfect way to preserve fun memories and photos altogether. So, which one is your favorite? Choose one of these handmade birthday ideas and make it your own!

When it comes to your best friend’s birthday, you want to give them the most meaningful gift. Then, some handmade birthday gifts must be perfect.

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