Simple Woodworking Projects For Christmas

June 8, 2018 | Christmas Crafting


Now that Christmas is just approaching, you may like to find some simple woodworking projects for Christmas. It’s no secret that we want to prepare for the best when it comes to Christmas. From decoration to gift, we want to serve the best for this special day. If you are considering some woodworking projects that you can during the Christmas holiday, here we have some of the best project ideas that you can do with your family before the Christmas coming. So, let’s check this out!

Unique Peppermint-Stripped Candlesticks

If you have unused fence post around, you can use them for woodworking projects for Christmas. In this case, you can use them to create peppermint candlesticks. You just need to cut the fence post simply to the desired sizes you want. Then, strip them with a treatment of candy-cane paint so that it matches the Christmas theme. Once they are dry, make a hole in the top to accommodate the candle. It can be a perfect accent for both indoor and outdoor. More importantly, working on this project can make your mood too!

Awesome No-Melt Snowman

Snowman has always been a man in the show when it comes to Christmas. When you want to work on simple woodworking projects for Christmas, how about considering creating a no-melt snowman by using wooden material? In this case, you can also use a 4×4 inch fence post to create the snowman. You just need to paint them and then decorate them with socks for the hats and then flannel for the scarves. Don’t forget to add eyes and nose on them by using piece of flannel or others. It will be a good decoration for your front stoop, mantel or entryway table.

Vintage Wood Slice Ornamen

If you need another idea for woodworking projects for Christmas, you can go creating wood slice ornament for a rustic and vintage touch. You can simple slice a log into discs and then screw them in an eye hook. Next, thread them with jute twine as the hanger. After that, you can decorate them with metallic markers or paint so that it can look better. You can also use ink-jet-printer transfer method to make it simpler on decorate the ornament. It can be a unique Christmas gift to share with your entire family. The last, are you ready to work on these simple woodworking projects for Christmas?

Woodworking projects always provide a fun time during Christmas holiday. You can use this chance to create most unique gifts and decorations for Christmas.

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