Disney Crafting Ideas

June 21, 2018 | Crafting For Kids


Do you need any Disney crafting ideas for your kids who are in love with Disney characters? From that beautiful Disney princess to the other cute characters like Mickey Mouse, Olaf from Frozen and so on, characters from Disney have always been popular for kids. When you want to encourage your kids to develop their creativity with a theme that they love, some crafting ideas with Disney-inspired theme must be perfect. So, here are some of the ideas that you can take into account!

3 Disney Craft Ideas for the Whole Family

1. Disney Mickey Jewelry

Mickey has always been an important character for Disney crafting ideas. There are a lot of things that we can make with Mickey as the inspiration. One of the ideas is to create jewelry inspired by Mickey character. For instance, you can create earrings with Mickey character. Then, you can also create a cute headdress to make you look like Mickey character that has two big ears on top of the head. Furthermore, create necklace with Mickey pendant or bracelet with Mickey figure can be a great idea too. It will be a perfect idea for the whole family.

2. Disney Princess Duct Tape

Another one of the Disney crafting ideas that you can create at home is Disney princess duct tape. There are a lot of mirror around your home and you just want to make them look even fancier with duct tape. You can simply buy some duct tape with Disney princess theme including that popular Disney Frozen princess Anna and Elsa. Your kids will love it and you can keep them busy while you doing this crafting activities. If you need one of the simple and easy Disney crafting ideas for your little kids, consider this one.

3. Disney T-Shirt

Do you want to dress your whole family with something you create together at home? How is about creating T-shirt with Disney Mickey as the main idea. Simply search for t-shirts that don’t look good anymore and do bleaching as the method to make the t-shirts in a stenciled look. When it is ready, you can make Mickey splash on it. You can consider using the same color for the t-shirts and splash. The point is to be creative be careful when splashing the t-shirts to make the look perfect. So, which Disney crafting ideas that you will try at home first?

Disney crafting ideas have always been a favorite crafting idea for everyone. It’s easy to start Mickey craft and you can do it for the whole family too.

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