Easy Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

July 3, 2018 | Crafting For Kids


Now that thanksgiving is just around the corner, you start to wonder some thanksgiving crafts for kids to enjoy during this feasting holiday. Well, we cannot deny that crafting and home decorating has become some families’ favorite when it comes to thanksgiving activities. The good news is that there are a lot of craft projects that you can consider to keep your kids busy during the holiday and you can use it to brighten up your Thanksgiving decorations as well. Are you interested to try? So, let’s check this out!

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts: Mod Mayflower

One of the easy thanksgiving crafts for kids is mod mayflower. It is super easy and you don’t need to prepare so many stuffs as well. You will need paper coffee cup sleeves, orange paper cups, white construction paper and birch wood coffee stirrer to create this craft. To make this craft, you can simply cut off the cup’s bottom and cut two slits at the center edge of the cup. Then, cut two papers into rectangles to make sail. Make two tiny slits at the middle of each sail to put the stirrers through it. The last, add a paper flag at the top.

Easy Thanksgiving Craft: Tabletop Turkey

Another thanksgiving crafts for kids that are fairly easy is tabletop turkey craft. For this idea, you will need a medium-sized pom-pom, paper cup, construction paper with assorted colors and assorted wiggle eyes pack. To create the tabletop turkey, take the paper cup and then turn it upside down. Glue the pom-pom on the cup for the head. Then, cut the construction papers into leaf shapes, triangle shape for the beak and heart shape or the wattle. After that, you can simply glue them to the pom-pom and don’t forget to add the eyes to complete this cute thanksgiving crafts for kids.

Easy Thanksgiving Craft: Turkey Feathers

If you want to combine crafting and fun activities during the thanksgiving, this idea will be the best one. You just need to buy a bunch of colorful feathers at nearby craft store and then hide the feathers around your home or yard. After that, you can simply do a T-Day adaptation of an Easter-egg hunts. It will be fun especially if you provide them with prize once they can collect them. Or you can also ask the kids to use the feathers they found to design Native American headdress. It’s a fun thanksgiving craft for kids, isn’t it?
Thanksgiving crafts for kids are perfect to make your kids busy while you do other things to prepare for this feasting holiday.

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