Awesome Origami Crafts For Kids

June 4, 2018 | DIY Paper Crafting


If you are searching for an easy paper craft for beginner, the idea of origami crafts for kids has always been the best. Origami is easy and fun for kids to engage on it. You can let them use various paper colors that will make them exciting during the crafting activity. More interestingly, you can use the origami crafts your kids made to transform it into an awesome decoration piece around your home. Now, let’s get to know some of the best origami craft ideas for kids as follow.

Origami Crafts : Cat

Instead of choosing the complicated one, opting for an easy origami crafts for kids is just right. If you are wondering the simplest one, cat is considered as one of the simplest origami animals around. To make it, you just require origami paper in black or gray color. For the steps, start by folding your square origami paper in half diagonally and do it again for the other side. Unfold and continue to make the ears by folding the left and right corners into triangle. Next, fold the pointed edge and turn the paper over. Don’t forget to add eyes and whiskers.

Origami Crafts : Jumping Frog

When it comes to origami crafts for kids, we shouldn’t forget jumping frog since it is also another easy one to make. To create this origami, you will need a green origami paper (considered using the A4 size) and color pen. The steps are quite complicated then cat but it will be easy for you to make it by following a picture tutorial of it. What makes jumping frog is a great origami to make with your kids is that you can play with it as well once you are done. Yeah, your kids can make it jump for sure!

Origami Crafts : Fish

It’s no doubt that creating animal origami is easy especially when it comes to fish. This origami crafts for kids will require one origami paper only. It is easy and very quick to make too. In addition to the origami paper, you can use googly eyes or simple a pen to draw the eyes. To start, you just need to fold the origami paper in halt both vertically and diagonally (every side). Then, fold the paper to triangle. Then, take the bottom corner of the paper and fold it to the center. Do the same with the other corner. Finally, your origami crafts for kids are ready to play with!

Time for origami crafts is always fun for kids. If you want to have fun creating origami together with your kids, here we have some of the simple ideas.

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