Easy 3D Paper Flowers For Spring

May 29, 2018 | DIY Paper Crafting


Are you searching for a way to create paper flowers for spring? Among many other crafting activities available other, creating paper flowers is surely the best when it comes to spring. It is matched the season and you can keep it for a quite long time since it is timeless and suitable for other seasons too. Now the question is how can we make paper flowers to add some colors to the wonderful spring this year? Here we have some of the best ideas that are surely great for you!

1. Paper Heart Flowers

If you want to create easy paper flowers for spring, paper heart flowers can be a perfect choice. You don’t need to prepare for a lot of supplies to make this perfect flower. You will need colorful scrapbook paper, heart paper punch, single-hole punch and green paper straws. Use the heart paper punch to cut the scrapbook paper into heart shape and then use the single-hole punch to make a hole on the heart so that you can get the heart through the straws to make a beautiful flower. After that, simply arrange them as you like.

2. Handprint Flower Craft

This idea of 3D paper flowers for spring is surely good for preschoolers. It’s simple and you can easily teach your kids how to make it. You just need to put your hand on the colored paper and then make a handprint of it. Combine your efforts with your preschooler so that you have different size of handprint flowers. After that, you will need a green straw. Attach the handprint flower to the straw and then glue a leaf-shaped paper on the straw too. It is pretty simple, isn’t it? Make as many as you wish and then put it on the vase.

3. Paper Flower Bouquets

This idea is quite similar with the first paper flowers for spring idea we have above. However, for this idea we are going to make it along with the paper pot as well. You will need colored cardstock, decorative straws, heart puncher, strap tissue paper, scissors, tape and glue to make it. Create the flower just like the first idea. However, you are going to stick the flower on a bigger paper and then wrap them with cardstock that is shaped into a pot-like. That’s all some ideas for paper flower for spring that you can make your own at home.

Easy 3D paper flowers crafts can be a perfect thing to welcome the upcoming spring in your home. They can be a valuable decoration for your home.

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