Simple Paper Crafts Projects That Will Inspire You

July 14, 2017 | DIY Paper Crafting


Whether they are folded, printed or cut, some simple paper crafts are for sure able to be made by anyone. You don’t need to have an extraordinary level of art and creativity. You just need to prepare some easy-to-find items around you, gather them and have fun with them. If you are searching for some projects that can inspire you to make your own paper crafts, here we have a few simple projects for paper crafting that you can do at home. So, let’s take a peek as follow!

1. Paper Craft Project : Paper Kites

Who doesn’t know how to make kites? Even a preschooler seems to know how to make this simple paper crafts. It’s no secret that paper kites is pretty simple to make. You just need four sticks and a colored paper that is cut in kite or square shape to make it. But, how can we do with the kites later on? Well, if you have that outdoor area with a tree where you usually use to relax, consider hung kites on the tree will be a good alternative for balloons that are a bit expensive than a homemade kite.

2. Paper Craft Project : Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are the other simple paper crafts that you can take into account. Whether it is spring season or not, a bunch of paper flowers can always be useful to decorate your home interior. You just need some basic cuts and folds to go for this project. Here, you just need to prepare for an artificial stem of dogwood flowers and then white paper to create four-petal dogwood flowers. Prepare for green paper as well for creating the leaves. You can use this as a decoration for your wall or put it on the vase as centerpiece.

3. Paper Craft Projects : Paper Lanterns

This is another simple paper crafts which is quite popular from long time ago. There are actually a lot of ways to create paper lanterns. You just need to find one tutorial that you love to create it. For example, if you want something unique, you can go for paper lantern with patriotic clip art ribbons that will look great to be hung on your windows. The idea is just to dress up some lanterns with accordion-style with paper ribbons. You can combine this idea with other ideas too. That’s all some simple paper crafts ideas that may inspire you.

Our simple paper crafts projects are everyone’s friends since it is something that can be completed by anyone. Read the article to find out!

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