Simply Creative Paper Animal Crafts For Kids

June 19, 2018 | DIY Paper Crafting


Are you seeking for any easy paper animal crafts for kids? Well, there are basically a lot of craft ideas out there to create paper animal. However, some of them may be super complicated that make it quite difficult for your kids to comprehend them easily. When you want to let your kids engage on the crafting activity themselves, of course you need the simpler but creative one. Fortunately, we have some paper animal craft ideas for kids that are easy to make. So, check this out!

1. Paper Plate Animal Crafts

When it comes to simple paper animal crafts for kids, paper plate can be counted on as one of the materials to create a unique animal craft into real. There are a lot of animals that you can create by using paper plate. For instance, you can create duck with this. Here, you will need white paper plate, some colored paper (white, yellow, black and orange), glue, pencil, sketch pens and glue. Here, you will use the paper to make the duck’s mouth, eyes, eyebrows and hair. Then, simply glue the paper on the paper plate once it is ready.

2. Origami Animal Crafts

Origami is for sure a classic type of paper animal crafts for kids. It is simple and fun to create origami. There have been a lot of animal origami tutorials as well on the internet that you can follow to create various animal crafts you want. For some of the simplest one, there are cat origami, jumping frog and fox. When it comes to cat, you just need one origami paper in any color you like. For jumping frog origami, you will need an origami paper in A4 size and color pen to draw its eyes later on.

3. Paper Animal Masks

Do you need such simple paper animal crafts for kids that can be used for party or for playing with them? You may love to create paper animal masks with your kids too. It’s pretty simple to create animal paper mask too especially if you download a printable template to create them on the internet. You just need to cut as it is supposed to and then assemble the papers together to form the masks. You can consider creating owl, bunny, and panda for the theme of your animal paper masks. Those are several paper animal crafts for kids that are worth trying for.

Paper animal crafts are fun all year round for your kids. This collection of the best paper animal craft ideas will help you to have fun with your kids.

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