Thanksgiving Wood Crafting

August 11, 2018 | Wood Crafting


Trying some brand new thanksgiving wood crafting projects can make your Thanksgiving holiday even more special. Remember that thanksgiving has always been about brining warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. With a wood crafting project, you will have more chance to provide a personal touch to your front door, dinner table and other spaces. But, what kind of wood crafting projects that we can do in this case? For sure there are a range of craft ideas out there, but for wood crafting, here are some of the best that you should take into account.

1. Wooden Turkey

For you who are in love with thanksgiving wood crafting for a long time, creating a wooden turkey must not be a big deal. It can be a super easy project for you. You will need some pieces of woods to create this one especially if you are considering creating the 3D one. However, if you are new to this, it is a good idea to simply prepare for the 2D one. In this case, you just need a half circle wood and then install a long square to make it possible for the half circle wood to stand. After that, painting the half circle to make it looks a bit like Turkey.

2. Wooden Welcome Signs

What is more interesting than a beautiful welcome sign on the front door? By working on thanksgiving wood crafting project, you have a chance to personalize your front door too. Instead of the usual welcome sign, bring a new sign made of wooden material. In this case, you can consider assemble some pallets as the base to say the welcome words. On the other hand, you can also slice some log and then write down the welcome words. You can add other accessories to decorate this wooden welcome sign too!

3. Wooden Door Tags

Instead of thanksgiving wood crafting idea to make welcome sign, you may consider hang a wooden tag to remind your guests and neighbors to always be grateful throughout the days. It is possible for you to find this kind of door tags at store, but there is nothing wrong with creating them yourself. You will need two tags and then write down some gratitude words to remind everyone who reads it to always be grateful. You can paint the wood too in order to make it more standout. Now, you ready to start this thanksgiving wood crafting project.

Thanksgiving wood crafting project gives you a nice chance to personalize your. Some project ideas here can be perfect inspiration for you

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