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April 12, 2018 | Wood Crafting


Vintage wood crafts are popular because they can create such an elegant touch around your living space. Nowadays, there is no doubt that we can find a lot of stores that offer wooden crafts with huge varieties of shapes and forms. However, it doesn’t mean that going for DIY project to make a vintage wood craft is not interesting. In fact, there are some easy DIY projects that you can consider when you want to present a vintage wooden craft around your home. So, are you ready to check the ideas?

1. Pallet Garden Walkway

Instead of the traditional concrete garden walkway, you may want to add a vintage touch on your outdoor area by such vintage wood crafts. In this case, you can consider using pallet to create the garden walkway. It’s simple and easy to assemble compared to concrete. More importantly, the result has such extraordinary feel on your garden. You just need to prepare for some pallets that come in different size and length and then install them in line to make the walkway. You can add some rocks around it to make it looks more beautiful.

2. Entry Table

If you need another idea for vintage wood crafts, this vintage entry table will be a good idea. It is perfect especially for you who have extra space around your entryway. You can make use of reclaimed wood along with pipe entry table to make this vintage furniture. To make it look more perfect, you can put some accessories on the table. On the other hand, you can also leave some spaces on the table where you can put keys or extra coins after your shopping hour. The way, you don’t need to forget where you put your house keys or your extra coins thanks to this vintage wood crafts idea.

3. Reclaimed Wood Wall

If you want to create a touch of vintage theme on your wall, installing reclaimed wood on one side of your room’s wall will be an excellent idea. It will show such a rustic charm that makes your room looks elegant and classic. You just need some pallet boards to turn your concrete wall into wood wall. Once you are tired of the look and need a chance, you can simply uninstall them later on. So, are you interested to try this idea of vintage wood crafts to give rustic charm in your home?

Vintage wood crafts are a popular way to bring rustic charm around your home area. Consider these following ideas to get started.

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