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July 18, 2018 | Wood Crafting


Now that you jump to the wood carving projects, you start to wonder the essential wood carving tools that you need during your project. Working on a wood crafting project is surely an interesting activity to do even for a beginner. It is pretty simple and you can learn the basic in quick, easy way. Before you start to do your very first wood carving projects, learning the important tools to carve is surely critical. To help you, here is some basic carving tools based on the shapes that you need to know more.

1. Wood Carving Chisels

First of all, there is wood carving chisel which has a flat bladed shape. This chisel is different from other wood carving tools. It is also different from the ordinary woodworking chisels since they are beveled on both of its sides instead of owning a flat back and bevel. The standard one will have a cutting edge which is square and it differs on the length only. This carving tool usually comes along with skewed edge which in this case helpful to clean out tight corners that there is a little clearance only.

2. Wood Carving Gouges

Another one of the wood carving tools that you should know is the wood carving gouges. It is safe to say that this tool is the most commonly used carving tool type out there. They come in a variety of blade degrees curvature and they are able to generate all concave kinds, convex shapes as well as surfaces. You should know that there are numerous gouge variations available and each variety has its own carving task. For example, when it comes to long bent gouge, it lets you to hollow out as well as create deeper cuts. Then there are other wood carving tools on this type such as fishtail gouge and spoon bent gouge too.

3. Carving Knives, Veiners and V-tools

Moreover, there is also carving knife. There is no doubt that this tool is highly important for every carver. Carving knives can be utilized for numerous tasks including chip carving, whittling, detailing and letter carving. It is also useful for some general carving works as well. Just like chisels and gouges, carving knives have different blade shape as well. In addition to the carving knives, there are also veiners and V-tools which both are also one of the important wood carving tools nowadays.

Wood carving tools are the most important items for every carver. Before you go deeper to wood carving projects, don’t forget to learn some basic carving tools.

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