Wood Crafting For The Home

February 26, 2017 | Wood Crafting


Wood crafting for the home basically can be for every room inside the home. It means that you can apply your wood crafting in almost every corner of your home. From furniture to the decoration of your home can be mixed with wood crafting. When wood is considered as the most versatile materials available out there, it’s no doubt that we can use it for creating any item around our home. In case you need some project ideas to inspire you, here we have some of the best choices that you can follow.

1. Easy Pallet Plaques for Picture Display

If you want to have such unique wood crafting for the home, a pallet plaque that is used as picture display can be a good choice. It’s a good idea especially for you who are searching for an extraordinary way to display your picture around the home. Instead of the traditional photo frame, this pallet plaque will provide such unique and classic touch on your wall. You just need five pallets and then install the three as the base while the two are installed on the top and bottom. You can simply glue the photo on it and hang it with a string.

2. Ladder-Inspired Blanket Organization

Do you need a wood crafting for the home as a solution for your messy blanket or towel at home? Then, a ladder-inspired blanket organization will be perfect for you. It is pretty simple for you to create this blanket organization yourself at home. You just need to build some pallets like a ladder. Then, paint it on the color that goes well with your interior scheme. After that, you can simply use this to hand on your blanket on each of the ladder step. What do you think? It’s an easy wood crating for the home, isn’t it?

3. Wooden Chalkboard Welcome Sign

For you who are on your way searching for an idea to create a brand new welcome sign, you will love this idea. To create a wooden chalkboard welcome sign, you will need a slice of log, chalkboard paint and a string. You just need to paint the sliced log with the chalkboard painter and then let it dry. After that, write the welcome words on it with chalk. Don’t forget to install the string to hang on the welcome sign later. Now, you can start your project of wood crafting for the home!

Wood crafting is surely versatile for your home decoration and complement. It is for sure a perfect way to complete your home.

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